Gandhi Eye Hospital was established as a small clinic in 1928 by Padmashree Dr. Mohan Lal Unitiring efforts, hard labour with an eye on future the clinic slowly took a shape of a large hospital having 1000 beds spread in an area of 50 bigahs of land. Presently the building consists of 6 general wards with a capacity of 600 beds 100 special private wards. Main building houses special clinics and rooms for pathology bacteriology and other labs including a small complex for photography. The hospital became internationally known and also started post graduate teachings in ophthalmology in affiliation with Aligarh Muslim University in 1952. The hospital is also running D.N.B. Post graduate training programme in Ophthalmology since 1997-1998 in affilation with National Board of Examination .


The Mohan Eye Hospital was founded on Sixth April ,1928 by Dr. Mohan Lal, with the sole object of combating eye diseases and offering relie to all suffering from eye troubles,more particularly to the helpless and the needy whose life was threatened to be further embittered by the loss of God's greatest blessing-the vision of the eye.
Mohan Eye Hospital started in a rickety dingy rented narrow house surrounded by grain shops in the busiest locality of Aligarh town.This Hospital was working on purely charitable lines, avoiding the pursuit of more money making,and treating all like ;without distinction of cast and creed,Charges were fixed and nominal just to keep the hospital running.

Doctor's Team

  • Dr.Razia.S.Khan, C.M.O.(M.S.,D.O.)
  • Dr.H.L.Gupta,Sr.Consultant.((M.S.,D.O.)
  • Dr.P.P.Singh,Dy.C.M.O.(M.S.)
  • Dr.A.K.Saxena,Dy.C.M.O.(M.S.)
  • Dr.S.K.Sharma,Head of The School.(MBBS,DOMS)
  • Dr.A.Bhatnagar,Sr.Ophth.Surgeon(M.S.)
  • Dr.Shubha Agarwal,Ophth.Surgeon(M.S.)
  • Dr.Z.R.khan,Jr.Ophth.Surgeon(D.O)
  • Dr.Vishal Uppal,Jr.Ophth.Surgeon(D.O)
  • Dr.Amit Gupta,V.R.Consultant.(M.S.)
  • Dr.Varun Gupta,Ophth.Surgeon.(D.O.)
  • Dr.Namrata Gupta,Jr.Ophth.Surgeon.(M.S.)
  • Dr.Ashish Mittal,Aneasthetist
  • Dr.S.K.Jain,Pathologist.

Gandhi Eye Hospital Current Status.

Currently the hospital has 12 Surgeons and supporting staff of 160 persons. Bed strength is about 700 but bed occupancy is around 200-250 due to changes in mode of treatment and quick turnover.
Patients outdoor attendance is around 200-250 in O.P.D. Trust runs a School of Optometry for training paramedical which was established in 1958. it also runs a School of Orthoptics.
In 1998 Gandhi Eye Hospital was accredited by National Board of Examination for D.N.B. i.e. Diplomate of National Board for 3 candidate in first year and 3 candidate in IInd year.


It is my pleasure to extend you a very warm welcome on behalf of myself & the management of Gandhi Eye Hospital.
I believe that you are well aware of the activities of this organization. But still I feel that I may just mention that Gandhi Eye Hospital Trust was founded in 1943. Ever since its inception the organization has been engaged in providing eye care not only at the hospital but in rural areas as well the Hospital has been organizing surgical camps extensively in the state of Uttar Pradesh as well as far away as Kashmir & Assam. The Hospital has also been educating people about eye care and steps to be taken to prevent blindness.
With the singular aim to provide eye care to the largest population in the State Dr.Mohan Lal the Founder of Gandhi Eye Hospital established more than dozen hospitals in Western U.P.

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About Us

Current Status & Future Plan of the Gandhi Eye Hospital.
History of the hospital goes back to 1928 when Dr. Mohan Lal set-up a small clinic in the busy quarters of the city to provide treatment to patients suffering from eye ailments. In those days patients were reluctant to visit doctors and there were no eye specialists, only general practitioners.
His first task was to create awareness amongst the people about importance of eye care & proper treatment. For this purpose he started providing on the spot treatment and awareness material to the rural folks visiting the annual agriculture exhibition. Gradually the response gathered momentum and patients visiting the clinic swelled and Dr. Mohan Lal was obliged to shift the activities to a larger premises. He started indoor facilities. Gradually the hospital grew in its stature & Dr. M.K. Gupta joined him.
In due course the premises became too small and the land at which the present hospital stands was acquired. Facilities for 1000 beds was created and at times even that proved to be insufficient. Without going into details suffice to say Dr. Mohan Lal did his eye specialization from Vienna and visited Europe & U.K. several times to keep updating diagnostic and surgical facilities at the hospital. During his visit to Egypt in 1958 he studied the rural health programme and on return formed 4 mobile units for holding camps in rural areas where the surgery and necessary treatment was rendered on the spot. These camps were generally of 10 days duration where usually about 300 patients were operated.
Realizing the need for more eye specialists he started teaching courses in collaboration with Aligarh Muslim University. Thus first Institute of Ophthalmology was established in 1952.
In combating blindness the Trachoma was considered to be the main courage. A pilot research project to evaluate the causes of blindness & prevention of blindness by Trachoma was launched at the Institute under aegis of World Health Organization.
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